Entanglement in prepare-and-measure scenarios: many questions, a few answers

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Adaptive advantage in entanglement-assisted communications

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Almost qudits in the prepare-and-measure scenario

Jef Pauwels, Stefano Pironio, Erik Woodhead, and Armin Tavakoli, Physical Review Letters 129, 250504 (2022)

Multiple-Access Channel Coding with Non-Signaling Correlations

Omar Fawzi and Paul Fermé, to be published in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (2023)

Scalable Bell inequalities for graph states of arbitrary prime local dimension and self-testing

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Counterexamples in self-testing

Laura Mančinska, Simon Schmidt, Quantum 7, 1051 (2023)

Asymptotic Equipartition Theorems in von Neumann algebras

Omar Fawzi, Li Gao and Mizanur Rahaman, arXiv:2212.14700

Self-testing composite measurements and bound entangled state in a unified framework

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Quantum Channel Certification with Incoherent Strategies

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Security of discrete-modulated continuous-variable quantum key distribution

Stefan Bäuml, Carlos Pascual García, Victoria Wright, Omar Fawzi, Antonio Acín, arXiv:2303.09255

Verification of Continuous-Variable Quantum Memories

Paolo Abiuso, arXiv:2305.07513

Semi-device independent nonlocality certification for near-term quantum networks

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All Real Projective Measurements Can be Self-tested

Ranyiliu Chen, Laura Mančinska, Jurij Volčič, arXiv:2302.00974

Self-testing in prepare-and-measure scenarios and a robust version of Wigner's theorem

Miguel Navascues, Károly F. Pál, Tamás Vértesi, Mateus Araújo, arXiv:2306.00730

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